Obstetrical Scans

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ultrasounds be wrong?

As with any test, there’s a possibility of error when it comes to a high-frequency ultrasound. These reasons can include factors like an incorrect gestation period, obesity or other health concerns, and technician error.

What does second-trimester ultrasound look for?

As a routine part of your second-trimester care, a high-frequency ultrasound will check your baby’s vital organs and growth to ensure everything is developing normally. This ultrasound can be performed transabdominally or transvaginally, based on your specific care needs.

Are ultrasound growth scans accurate?

Growth scans can be an important way to judge what kind of care you and your baby will need during labor and beyond. Although ultrasound technology has advanced greatly, there can still be factors that affect the accuracy of growth scans including obesity and technician error.

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