Whether you have already had genetic testing or  are considering whether this would be beneficial, interpreting the results of genetic testing for various medical conditions can be confusing and complex. At Carnegie Imaging for Women, our board certified medical geneticist and genetic counselors can help you understand these results or determine whether testing is right for you.Genetics consultations can help you  make informed decisions that are best for your health and peace of mind.  

Carrier Couples 

If you and your partner have both been found to be carriers for a genetic condition, you may discuss your likelihood of passing that condition to a child and your best reproductive options with a genetic counselor 

Genetic Counseling for IVF 

For couples going through the process of IVF, a genetic counselor can help interpret results of preimplantation genetic testing for the embryo. Before implantation, embryos are tested to determine whether they have the correct number of chromosomes. Aneuploid (too many or too few chromosomes) embryos have a higher risk of failed implantation or miscarriage, so a genetic counselor can help you determine the best plan for a healthy pregnancy.  

Fragile X Carrier Counseling  

Fragile X carriers often have issues with infertility and can have a higher risk of passing Fragile X syndrome to their children, a condition which causes intellectual disability or seizures. A genetic counselor can help you understand your risk and make decisions for your own health and the health of any future children.  

Prenatal Genetic Testing and Interpretation  

If you are already pregnant, prenatal genetic testing and genetic counseling is available to determine the health of you and your baby, and plan ahead for any healthcare needs you or your child may have.  

Genetic Cancer Screening and Interpretation  

Certain types of cancers run in families and testing your genetics may be recommended to see if you are at an increased risk. A genetic counselor or our medical geneticistcan then review the results of your genetic cancer screening, explain your risk, and help you create an appropriate health care plan.  

Schedule an Appointment  

To schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor or a medical geneticist, call Carnegie Imaging for Women or contact our New York City office online