Consultations with our team are available before, during, and after pregnancy to discuss virtually any reproductive concern you may have. When you are making decisions about your medical care, our team of OB/GYNs, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists, and Medical Geneticists can help you interpret results of tests and choose the best options for your health. Appointments are available by referral from a physician or you may choose to make an appointment for yourself. Patients located outside of the New York City area can request secure virtual appointments through Zoom.

Medical Genetics Consultations

Speak with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist or medical geneticists to understand your carrier screening results, likelihood of passing a condition to a child, aneuploidy testing, and more.  


High Risk Pregnancy Consultations

Whether you are planning to get pregnant, currently pregnant, or have experienced negative outcomes from pregnancy, our team can help you create the best possible plan for a healthy pregnancy.  


OB/GYN Ultrasound Consultations

Ultrasound appointments or interpretation of ultrasound results are available, as well as testing options such as amniocentesis or CVS.