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“My wife Melissa has been going to Carnegie for some time now and every time has been a pleasure. Great staff and very helpful. Appointments are very on time and sonograms are very detailed. I recommend Carnegie to all my friends who wives are having a baby. “

Dan L.

“My husband and I really enjoyed our experience at Carnegie South.

– Phone calls. I was always able get through to someone promptly. They were polite, professional and happy to help. They also had great availability so I was able to be seen within a week.

– Front Desk/Waiting Room: Front desk staff was polite. Assisted me with paperwork. We hardly had any wait time and were seen quickly.

– Technician who performed my sonogram was kind and gentle and soft spoken. She had an overall endearing, personable attitude and because I was so nervous, this helped me through the process.  We never felt rushed. The room was also warm and comfortable.

– Doctor who came in after was helpful and gave us as much information as possible.

Very pleased with everything. Excited to go back for my follow up.”

Marie D.

“I saw my Gyn for an issue and she suggested an ultrasound, I was referred to Carnegie South on 32nd street & Madison Ave. I called the same day to make an appointment. I got connected to a call center within few mins, no hold time at all. The person was very detailed, helpful & got me the exact date & time I was looking for. I got a phone call from the Billing Dept a few days before my appointment to notify me that was Insurance was verified and accepted and I would be responsible for a co-pay of $90.00 on that day. I arrived at Carnegie South and it was exactly what I would have wanted. The staff was very pleasant and also asked me for my copay of $90.00. I asked about wait time and before I can get an answer the sonographer called me. Very efficient. Ultrasound lasted for 15 mins, the sonographer asked me to get dressed she left and a physician came in to ensures all looks well and he will send my results to my doctor immediately. I left the office and 30 mins later my Gyn called that she received the results and all is well. I would recommend this site to anyone. I will definitely return for any future ultrasounds and I will tell friends & family.”

Nikki J.

“I’m starting my third trimester, and so far this place has been really great. The staff is professional, efficient, and nice, and I’m especially a huge fan of Dr. Klauser.

We found out that our fetus has a cleft lip/palate at 16 weeks, and the staff has taken extra care to get us clear images of the deformity so that we can take these with us to our specialist consults. Dr. Klauser has spent substantial time with us at each of the appointments to ensure that all of our questions (regarding the cleft or anything else) are answered, and he comes across as very well informed.

The check-in process is pretty seamless, and I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my scheduled appointment to start. Everyone has been great, and I would highly recommend this place.”

Valerie K.

“I came here for my 20-week anatomy scan. It was a great experience. There were a few basic forms to fill out, but they weren’t too long. Staff is courteous and friendly. They have an option for you to get your sonogram images sent to you via text or email, which only costs $20. I chose to pay the $20 bucks and feel it was worth it. I got most of my 2D and 3D pics all sent to me via email and was able to share the link with everyone. Very clean space. They also offer free tea and snacks. Wish I could come back here to see my baby again before the big day, but my doc says there’s no medical need for another sonogram. Womp womp!”

Vanna V.

“Your professionalism and calm attitude gave me the calm necessary to go forward with my pregnancy.”