Carnegie South & Carnegie Hill

Our office has been designed with state of the art technology and ultrasound instrumentation in order to provide patients with the highest level of medical care. Each board certified physician in the practice has dedicated years of experience to successfully providing healthcare for women. Our physicians are recognized as experts in their fields and have received numerous teaching, patient, and scholarly awards.

Carnegie Imaging Hospital
Practice locations are fully certified units by the AIUM Most, but not all ultrasound centers have this certification
All of Carnegie’s medical staff are fully Board Eligible or Board Certified Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists. Many centers have physicians in training or radiologists reading scans
All sonographers are fully certified by the RDMS, and have advanced certification in first trimester screening and cervical length assessments. It is uncommon for a units to have 100% of their sonography staff fully certified
Onsite laboratory for ultrasound related blood testing. You may need to travel to other locations for services.
Onsite genetic counseling with same day appointments when unexpected findings are encountered Most sites refer out to genetic counselors as needed and patients need to wait days/weeks for appointments
We are experts in BOTH imaging diagnosis AND counseling regarding management of difficult cases. Traditional radiology centers only provide diagnoses
Expertise in invasive testing (amnio/CVS/PUBS). When required we can do these tests (& required genetic counseling) on a same day basis with next day rapid results. Most centers have patients schedule their procedure and genetic counseling for a future date – the process could take 7-10 days minimally.
Individualized compassionate care with direct access to physicians. Patients speak directly to MFM experts after every scan. In most units, patients do not see the MFM unless there’s a problem.
Onsite fetal echocardiography imaging capability Very few centers have the required expertise to provide these sophisticated scans.
State of the art 3D/4D imaging capability in all rooms and machines. Most units are only partially equipped with state of the art instrumentation.
Patients can get digital keepsake images from their scans sent to the smart phones to share immediately with friends, family and social media. It’s hard to find another unit that offers that service.