At Carnegie Imaging for Women, we understand the importance of support for women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes before or during their pregnancy. We have created a Gestational Diabetes Support Program for these women, which includes diabetes education and counseling, fetal surveillance, glucose monitoring, and high-attention services to increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Gestational Diabetes Support Program Resources:

  • A perinatal consultation with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist to learn more about perinatal risks to the mother and fetus, obstetrical risks, the pathophysiology of gestation diabetes, maternal and fetal surveillance, labor and delivery process, and post-partum evaluation.
  • Referrals to professional dieticians for nutritional education.
  • Our trained staff teaches patients how to use a glucometer and fingerstick.
  • Medication management with both insulin and oral anti-glycemic agents.
  • At least a weekly review of blood glucose levels with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, who will have consistent communication with the referring physician.
  • Perinatal ultrasounds to analyze fetal weight and use of biophysical testing as indicated.

Contact Information for the Gestational Diabetes Support Program

If you have been or recently was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, please reach out to our Gestational Diabetes Support Program for more information.  (Please note that a referral from your primary obstetrician is required before we can enroll you in our service.) We look forward to working with you before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Referrals: (212) 722-7409 option 2
Fax: (646) 525-3670
For Patients:

Tools for Patients

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Glucose Intake Sheets

During pregnancy, it’s vitally important to monitor your blood glucose levels with the help of our PDF below. Please download to track your glucose intake: Glucose Intake Sheet 

Gestational Diabetes Support Program FAQs

For general information about gestational diabetes or to learn more, please read The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ FAQs: FAQ Sheet

GDM Resources for Patients:

For more food tips, information, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle despite gestational diabetes, please look at our helpful resources for patients: