Preeclampsia After Delivery (Postpartum Preeclampsia)

Posted On: December 10, 2015 By CIW

Preeclampsia After Delivery

Preeclampsia is a condition of pregnancy that typically goes away after delivery. For some women, preeclampsia goes away immediately after delivery, while other women experience preeclampsia symptoms for several days, weeks or months after delivery. Mothers could be on blood pressure medication for weeks or months until preeclampsia symptoms resolve. Women who are more sick when they were pregnant, or if they had more risk factors, are more likely to experience persisting symptoms of preeclampsia after delivery.

What if Preeclampsia’s High Blood Pressure Lingers?

It is also possible, however, that women diagnosed with preeclampsia in pregnancy had high blood pressure before pregnancy and didn’t know about their condition. Having high blood pressure after delivery doesn’t necessarily mean a woman’s preeclampsia never went away; it could mean that they suffer from high blood pressure in life.

Why Does Preeclampsia Linger?

If preeclampsia was severe enough that it actually affected the structure of a woman’s blood vessels and the function of the blood vessels, it takes time to recover. If it was a very mild form of preeclampsia it will affect your blood pressure, wear off, and a woman’s blood pressure should return to normal after delivery.

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