Menstrual Cramps & Pregnancy

Posted On: December 12, 2017 By Andrei Rebarber, MD

Women with menstrual cramps are often treated with medications to ease the pain . Prior studies have suggested accupunture/ acupressure may help those who suffer from these symptoms. A recent paper was published suggesting that  app-based self-administered acupressure vs usual care allowed for improved symptoms. The study was conducted in Germany and included 221 prospective randomized trial over a 3 year period covering 6 menstrual cycles in each patient. The mean pain intensity difference during the third menstruation was statistically significant in favor for acupressure. Moreover, the worst pain intensity, the number of days with pain and the proportion of women with pain medication at the third and sixth menstruation cycle was lower in the acupressure group. Future studies in different populations are needed to confirm these optimistic findings.

For more on this study, please read the entire article, “Effectiveness of app-based self-acupressure for women with menstrual pain compared to usual care: A randomized pragmatic trial.”

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