Doctor Spotlight: Meet Dr. Nathan Fox

Posted On: September 27, 2018 By CIW

Dr. Nathan Fox is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates, and also works at Carnegie Imaging for Women.  In addition, Dr. Fox delivers babies on the labor floor at Mount Sinai. Read on to learn more about him and his love for maternal-fetal medicine.

Starting Out

When Dr. Fox began medical school, he didn’t precisely know what area he wanted to focus on. During his first year, he completed an apprenticeship with an OB/GYN, where he had the opportunity to perform deliveries and C-sections.  It was then that he fell in love with the field. During his third year he then went on to complete his clinical rotations, which really verified that OB/GYN was the field that he truly enjoyed.

After deciding that he wanted to become a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, Dr. Fox had to go through rigorous training. After he finished his OB/GYN residency, he underwent three years of a Fellowship, which is additional training in maternal-fetal medicine. About half of that is spent doing research and the other half is clinical, which is divided into ultrasound as well as treatment of high-risk pregnancies.

His Connection to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Field

Overall, there are many things that attract Dr. Fox to the maternal medicine field. Dr. Fox loves the positive relationships he and the staff have with the patients. He also finds the science of it very interesting, especially since there are new discoveries in the field all the time. Lastly, he likes that it is varied, in terms of medical care, and that he sees people both as outpatient and inpatient and performs procedures.

Dr. Fox says that the main reason he decided to join Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates and Carnegie Imaging was because of the people. “This practice has a group of physicians that are just amazing,” he said. “They’re wonderful people. They’re kind. They’re caring. Devoted to patients. Devoted to patient care. Very high-level medicine is practiced here. And this was the group of people that I wanted to practice with.”

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