Privademics™ – A New Method for Delivering Expert Care

Carnegie Imaging is a new kind of medical practice that blends the best features of academic, and private medical practices. Historically academic medicine and private practice were very separate domains, with “academic” doctors focusing on research and medical education, and “private” doctors focusing on patient care.  The high risk pregnancy experts at Carnegie Imaging are highly regarded as prolific medical researchers and educators, as well as supremely skilled hands-on clinicians who take great pride in the care they deliver to patients, thus creating a unique blend of academics and private practice, or Privademics™. Patients at Carnegie Imaging have access to physicians who are award-winning medical educators with numerous peer-reviewed publications, who provide cutting edge expert care.

The conception and birth of a child is an incredible event. If you’ve made this important decision, rest assured the physicians and the staff at Carnegie Imaging are fully committed to you and your pregnancy.


Your baby’s ultrasound pictures now delivered
via text or email to share with friends and family!

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